bare necessi-feet

bare necessi-feet

this is no longer about want, but a need. I have stomped out the life of nearly all of my shoes, leaving nothing left but a shell that slightly resembles what the shoe once looked like. My shoes are so broke down, there's holes in the soles, and theirs little to no support that I recently got tendentious. I've been lucky and scored some great vintage shoes for my size 9/10 foot, but if you have big feet like me you know how hard it is to find shoes that

A. fit
B. are comfortable

Here's some pairs I've been dreaming of that aren't too far off budget. Plus I hear great things from Bass, and see all my blogger friends wearing them for years on end.

I don't want just trendy shoes, I want shoes that will last longer enough for my future daughter to play dress up in, and eventually borrow them when she's feeling "retro"

is that too much to ask?

(as for trendy shoes I don't need, these tabitha simmons flats are just too sweet!)


  1. Oh my gosh, Bass are so insanely comfy! They feel like they were made for you!

  2. Fit and comfort. Totally agree with this. Love that red one!


  3. I've been dreaming of shoes lately, too! I hardly ever buy shoes because all of them hurt my feet, but recently I've been realizing that I need more shoe choices, so I decided to spend more money on shoes and less on clothes. I went and bought a pair today, actually! When I got home, I realized there was only one shoe in the box. That ain't right!


  4. I've never heard of Bass before....will have to google after writing this.

    The red heels in the middle are so adorable. I'm not good at walking with heels...those would be perfect~
    I have been looking for shoes too - mainly difficult to just pick ONE....ugh.

  5. go with bass. i had a pair back in college (way too long ago for me to admit)....and they've not changed. love that people still wear them.


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