wanted to be a "Keaton"

Blouse: birthday gift
Everything Else: Vintage
Purse: Vintage Coach (mother's)

Whether it was Diane Keaton, or Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties, there's always been a little part of me that really wanted to be a "Keaton." And honestly it all comes from the way they dress. The whole Keaton family on Family Ties had marvelous style (except for that weird little brother) and Diane Keaton style still rocks today! I hope to grow up to be as weird as her some day...

It was difficult snapping these pictures, Chicago was crazy crowded because of the nice weather, and I just cancelled my plans with my friends so I was a little sad. Turns out things worked out for the better by the end of the day (if you've seen my instagram) so it was all good.

And is it me or is my hair getting crazy long. Can't believe it once looked like this...NEVER AGAIN!


  1. Awesome as usual. The blazer and trousers are muy fantastico. :]

  2. I love that blazer and the red and navy combo! My best friend is moving to Chicago soon so I can't wait to have another excuse to visit again! Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  3. You look great in red, Bianca! The third to last pic is kinda funny w/ that guy scoping you out...hehe. ;)

  4. AMAZING PANTS. and shoes.....AND HAIR~ everything!!
    (awwww your hair is cute in that picture though!!!!!!)

  5. Brilliant Outfit! Love every single piece :)


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