silk shirt: vintage
shorts: american apparel 
scarf: vintage 
red flats: vintage 

Oops! I missed a day! I was out sick yesterday guys, but I'm bringing you Thursdays Urbaness look today! Which in contrast on how it looks and feels outside today, this may not be the right choice..(ITS FREEZING...)...But yesterday was almost 80 so this look is actually quite perfect for those sudden heat waves. Besides who doesn't like looking they just got off the set of Jumanji

In the feature I wrote "Sure it's not Friday but why don't we have lunch outside today? Before the weather becomes unforgivable. Breathe a little; the week is almost through." I always bring my lunch, I like to save money and lunch in the city all the time can be $$$ (and I honestly can't stand over processed meals) But I do feel that its important to leave the building for lunch every once and a while to clear your brain and restart. Even if the only place to go is sitting in your car!

Anyway, aren't we glad that it's not Thursday?


  1. we are very glad it is Friday. By we I mean me. Your outfit is super cute and I am loving your blog! I am a fan of anyone who takes outfit insp from Jumanji and Wes Anderson.

  2. It's perfect and I love the detail of the scarf !

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