thank god its....tuesday?

silk blouse: vintage 
high waist silky trousers: UO
creepers: f21 
sweater: thrifted 
bolo: old 

Finally my last look with my partnership with The Urbaness. This one is probably one of my faves because it contains all my favorite things...

high waisted pants....button ups....bolo ties...and sweaters tied around thine neck!

Plus dusty rose/oxblood, my favorite color of all time!

This is my "Friday" look, I wanted to combine the casualness of Friday with the ability of if still being a work look, PLUS the versatility of something you can wear to a night out, especially if you're like me and shudder at the idea of wearing a Kardashian style bodycon dress non ironically. I rather be dressed like one of the boys...than to have to deal with stripper style heels... For The Urbaness I wrote "I always dress for both work and play on Fridays, just in case my boyfriend or the girls want to hit the town afterward. The sartorial look is so in, and if you put the right pieces together, you'll be just as cute as the girls in their mini dresses."

 Ah yes, dressing for fridays...If only Friday was today!


  1. really love the bolo, fantastic series too. I just found your blog today and have been scrolling back through your archives :-)

  2. Wow. This IS a really great color combo. Those trousers look like a dream and I. Want. Them. Haha. Your entire outfit looks great when pulled together with those leopard loafers. :]

  3. Fantastico! Those pants are glorious and the creepers are super cute! I am very envious! I try to buy clothes that I can wear to work and out of work, too! The idea of business casual is repulsive to me, so I tend to go for things that still feel like something I'd wear, but are a little more toned down!


  4. Red trousers and the shoes rule! A perfect balance of work and play, which is actually harder to do than people imagine.

  5. the trousers you are wearing are so perfect for the fall season! what a great combo with the rest of the outfit.

    lindsey louise

  6. I do the same thing on fridays just in case! I love the tie, gives a lovely cowboy touch! Brilliant outfit! x

  7. This is definitely perfect for working and going out on a Friday! Those red-ish trousers are the best. I'm particularly in love with your leopard loafers though. I would wear those in an instant.


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