Grand-mère Approved

I'm sure your wondering if you're at the right site. Yes, yes you are! I'm going through some changes, as all people do when they turn 25 and question EVERYTHING, I really want to move blogging full time and now that I'm starting to fully understand my style I decided that it was less AVANT GARDE more....granny. This isn't really news to me, more affirmation of something I always knew. Even my grandfather called me grand-mere growing up...

Well she ain't what she used to be....

I want to bring in more lifestyle as well, that I used to have more in my old blog. I want things to be clean, simple, and of course vintage! I'm embracing my old lady style, I'm embracing that whenever I go out women 70+ always give me compliments. I'm embracing my weirdness, in pastels and loafers....

SO UPDATE YOUR LINKS, I would from now on like to be known as "grand-mere approved" and not "avant blargh" But for the sake of NOT LOSING ALL MY WORK, LINKS, FOLLOWERS, SHOUT OUTS, I'm keeping the domain...! And just in case in a few weeks I decide to switch back...heh heh..I can sometimes be more wishy washy than Charlie Brown.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Cool name ! is it in french ? Cause here we write it "grand-mère", in two words ^^

    See U !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Actually I'll just fix it to avoid confusion!

  2. Yay! go you. I'm looking forward to the lifestyle bits, this might mean I'm nosy.

  3. i'll be with you whatever you decide!

  4. ive always subscribed to your blogspot that not gonna change?

  5. Haha yes, turning 25 and question everything - THIS


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