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Modern Day, Annie Hall

Ok, I finally watched Annie Hall. After years of people telling me "IT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE" I finally watched it, and my was ok.

I had that same feeling in my heart as I did when I finally saw Breakfast at Tiffany's. And aire of disappointment (though I do believe I want to watch it again...) I LOVE Funny Face, I DIE FOR Hannah and Her Sisters, but these so called American classics, were just ok...

Regardless if I loved the film or not, the clothes OH THE CLOTHES, were great! It was so nice to watch the film versus Googling "Annie Hall" to see all these inspirational pieces.

Again, high waists, button ups, jackets, I only hope to be as crazy as Diane Keaton when I grow up! Plus I love it when characters wear the same clothes, Annie had her classic oxford she wore time and time again!

Oh and a young Jeff Goldblum, yes yes please! Plus, the scene of Annie Hall buying a cat book, can I be her yet? If Annie Hall lived today, she'd be the coolest blogger around.

(not Annie Hall, but AMERICAN APPAREL MODEL her room too! haha!)


  1. Same !!! Which is awful cause I love Diane Keaton so much ! But I prefer other Woody Allen's movies, But Chris Walken, God ! So short but so good and funny ! I love Breakfast at Tiffany's ("Diamants sur canapé" here in France ^^), but my favorite with Audrey is Love in the afternoon

    See U !

  2. I haven't seen the film but I always hear people referencing it. My mum especially loves the style. I have a pair of second hand high-waisted Ralph Lauren trousers but I CANNOT wear them for fear of looking like I have a giant stomach. I think this is the blog to inspire me to wear them with style, you pull them off so well!

  3. YES to the "if Annie Hall lived now she'd be the best blogger around" statement.

  4. Annie Hall took a page from the queen of androgynous look, Katharine Hepburn. I grew up watching old classic movies with my grandmother, loved her.


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