backlit brooklyn

jeans: vintage ralph lauren
sweater: vintage ann klien
boots: holiday gift from davey!
coat: vintage 
glasses: bonlook
necklace: brooklyn charm

How many posts did I make in January? Almost None? Jeez, I know people are always like "bloggers don't apologize!" But I will apologize regardless. I am grateful for all of you guys because without your support I would just be some strangely dressed girl running around the mean streets of Chicago all by my lonesome. But you guys keep my strong! Thats for hanging tight while I went on two vacations, work devoured me, and got multiple viruses along the way!

 If you follow me on instagram (which if you don't YOU SHOULD) I went to New York on a fun girls + boy trip a few weekends back! It was totally fun and a much needed break from the daily grind. I made this awesome 70s "virgo" necklace at a DIY jewelry shop called Brooklyn Charm... But so far I already lost it (D'OH) but I felt so cool and 70s with it. Since its been cold I haven't been up to dressing up lately. When your throats on fire, it 1 degree outside, and you have work piling up, the last thing you care about is cool fashionable you are. It's the cold hard truth. That's how those tabloid magazine get those awesome shots of Diane Kruger looking "jus lyke us!", because somedays you can't always be fierce (unless you're Beyonce)

To sunlight, warmer weather, and hibernating naps!


  1. I love the sweater and the shoes! And I don't see how people do cold weather. I personally am not a fan of it one bit lol

    -Chymere A.

  2. I love you so much and I'm so happy you're back to blogging! Can't wait to see what you have in store! Oh, and I love the shoes! :)

  3. You look so darling! Your jeans and jeans need to be mine. Really pretty ensemble.

    When I opened this post I felt a bit guilty because it seemed I haven't been on this cute blog in forever! But your admission to not posting really eased my conscience so yay.

  4. love your coat and your boots! lovely outfit xo!

    Emma <3
    designer eyeglass frames giveaway on My Face Hunter coming soon!

  5. lol, glad to see you back. No need to apologize, I think most of us know life can get in the way of blogging.

  6. you always look fresh even in 1 degree weather. hope your february is less virus filled than jan!


    Anyway. You look wonderful regardless of the cold!!
    I love your sweater~ It's so soft and elegant looking~

  8. such a bummer about your necklace! i seriously love brooklyn charm. i make a point to go there whenever i visit my sister. glad you uploaded a post. love that sweater.

  9. love your style. your fro is amazing as well. feel free to check out my blog

  10. can i have your hair and outfit? i love it !

    and yes you shouldn't apologize for being a 'bad' blogger
    it's good to have more stuff to do then only blogging ;) (maybe i see it as an excuse for myself as well haha)

  11. Your hair is Majestic. I want mine to just do that so badly, but I'm so impatient. Hope you enjoyed your trip :) Even if you post like a year from today I'll still read.

  12. oh this outfit is so cooL! love your jeans and sweater. also, dat hair woman!!

  13. hey girl! I love your style<3 I'm a new follower~

  14. Great outfit! I just followed your instagram (:

  15. Can I have your hair for a day please! You can be wearing and you will still stand out with your personality and awesome hair :)

  16. you're in my hometown. Regardless, as always, your style is uniquely you and you're rocking it!

  17. such a cute casual look. erhmerhgerh your HAIR is AMAZING!


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