stripes on stripes

Stripe Jacket: American Apparel
Everything else: Vintage
Shoes: Bass Wayfayer loafer

How lucky that when I took these pictures I matched the awnings of the windows behind me. It really was just a matter of luck, this was not preplanned! Or was it?

I recently got this jacket from American Apparel, and I am in absolute love with it, I know that it is slightly springy, but with the burgundy stripes, I feel like it can easily be layered to wear all year round. Plus, I feel like it the perfect match of gamine and grandma, just my taste!

I think I may have went a little pattern crazy, but what better way to cheer yourself up on a cloudy autumn's eve? People tell me I always dress very "holiday" so I guess that's a good sign. And can we say happy feet? I finally got my Bass loafers, and I am in looooooove. Got them 60% off at the outlet mall, even better! I don't think I can go back to plastic shoes. NEVER AGAIN!


  1. Hahaha. You look adorbz. As usual, of course. Your loafers are fantastic! And in oxblood! I've been looking for an affordable pair in black muhself.

  2. I love this's the perfect blend of several styles...vintage, boyish, classic and a little preppy! Plus when polka dots and stripes meet, you can't go wrong. I love the new name of your blog too and I'm really enjoying the bigger dose of lifestyle posts. It sounds like you're having a very positive quarter life crisis :)

  3. Love the loafers, my sister had a pair she wore with her Catholic school uniform and knee highs. The blazer and print mash is quite fun.

  4. kindly send the whole look over to London.


  5. This layering rocks.

  6. I want to copy this entire outfit !!

    See U !

  7. Another great outfit, loving all of the colour coordination and of course, the polka dots. I always buy leather shoes now, they last longer and are better for my (huge) feet. I noticed Bass loafers a while ago, I really want a pair now!

  8. This is so cute. I love your striped jacket paired with those trousers. You make me want to buy all of the trousers ever, but I could never work them as perfectly as you do! I also really like the mix of prints in this outfit. They all look so cute together!


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