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Maps...what's not to love. Old ones, innovative ones (have you seen the scratch off ones?), I really love the wanderlust feeling maps produce.

When you were a child did you ever play the game where you spun the globe and placed you finger aimlessly? Where ever the globe would stop that's where you would move when "you grew up" (which what is considered "grown up" 60? I hope its not 25...) I think I'll always love maps, and dreaming of travel. That why I kind of love this map Dusen Dusen dress. It's from their fall collection, but I kind of think it's perfect for spring. Plus on Emerging Thoughts its more than half off market price! So I think this cute lil one piece will be perfect in any gal's suitcase for a much needed spring break vacay. I went to polyvore to imagine how I would accessorize it on a weekend trip to an unexplored land. Gave it a sort of a tomboy feel, since the dress is already so sweet. 

Ps why not we rock out to this classic hit while we dream about our weekend trips?


  1. i love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps. i have it on itunes, but not the acoustic version. great post. feel free to check out my blog:

  2. Cute post, MIMI

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  4. That is a lovely dress with sweet colors that aren't overpowering~ Very lovely~
    I also like the watch!! So cute~ I WANT TO TRAVELLLLLLLL ;____; Two nights ago I had a dream that I was lost in was sooo much fun. And then I woke up and had to rush to school hahahaha...yessss.

  5. I'm happy to report - there is no such thing as "grown up." Cute dress.

    Cecile In L.A.


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