call me corduroy

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70s corduroy jacket: vintage (bought it somewhere in NOHO)
pants, belt, shoes: thrifted
plaid shirt: brother's

My brother has been home this week for the holidays (explains the absence...sort of) Its been nice to spend time with him, playing games, going out, good times. As for me, I think I'm starting to realize how much of a tomboy I am. Well I really noticed when I was in NYC for fashion week, and being surrounded by women. I didn't notice being the youngest of boys, because I was the girliest of them (haha duh) but as they get married and I'm put into situations with women I'm just like "uh...whut" It's probably why I have more male friends than I can count, but two female friends? HA!

I don't mind being a tomboy, I think I'm just unconventionally one. I like girly things, but after a while I lose interest. I couldn't talk about nail art for hours, because I would fall asleep. But I almost never drag my female friends to the comic book store, maybe for a quick jaunt, but never for the 3 hours I'm normally there. To be honest, its funny that I'm just discovering this now...but looking back I see I haven't really changed much. Oh well, to being in our 20s and having "self discoveries" how contrived!

BBL, going to an arcade....

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  1. You always put outfits together so beautifully,

    Rosie x

  2. First time on your blog and I love it! Your style is so unique! I am not following you via GFC!

  3. You look amazing! I am so obsessed with your coat xo

  4. I love this so old school and casual but looks chic and comfy


  5. I've been looking for shoes like those everywhere! I love your outfit :)

    ~ Jamara

  6. Fun. The tomboy look definetely suits you so OWN it! Love your frames, they're pretty freaking great!

  7. You are the queen of trousers! I just love how you wear them so perfectly. This plaid top looks great paired with your olive green trousers and cute loafer heels.

  8. such a pretty olive green! love that shade:)


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