school's out

 photo sprang2_zps5073264e.jpg photo sprang5_zps41b9a4cc.jpg photo sprang4_zpsdc501649.jpg photo sprang8_zps636e64f2.jpg
demin shirt: old navy
plaid coat: thrifted bb dakota
corduroy flares: moms vintage ralph lauren
boots: vintage

I'm happy that I never really have to go to go to school again. And I know for me that's a choice. For others not so much. (let us pray) But with the warm weather in the air, I just want to frolic and play.

It's weird being an adult sometimes. Anyone still have panics late Sunday nights about unfinished homework that never really existed. No? Oh well...nevermind.

Chicago schools (open..or sadly closed) are so beautiful when it comes to architecture. Mine has been classified as a historical monument, and I believe this is the case for most Chicago high schools. I love the chicago class architecture. I like to dream about the kids who went it before me, the dreams they had, the people they dated. Now they're all grown up. And hey, so am I.

Funny thing is I realize I look sort of like a kid in 1979. I think its the long hair, the longer it gets the more free I allow it to be. I hate "perfect coifs" its all about messy messy for moi!

See you behind the bleachers


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  1. TOTALLY still have those Sunday night panics! Pretty sure I'll be about thirty before they go away. :p

  2. I used to have a reoccurring dream before the start of every school year where somehow I found out a month late that school had already started, and I got kicked out! I still have that dreams sometimes! I'm glad I never have to do it again!


  3. I'm still in school, I always panic. lol it's just the nature of the beast. Anyhow I love that you look so carefree!


  4. ha yeah I DO still have nightmares sometimes where I'm worried about deadlines and assignments and teachers. AH.

  5. Love this outfit! This reminds me, I need to get a new pair of cords!

  6. I almost always get a 70s vibe from your outfit and I think it's so cool! I love this jacket so so much. It looks wonderful paired with the denim top and corduroys.


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