little boots, little italy

 photo italy1_zps068dc8b3.jpg photo italy7_zps3c9483c8.jpg photo italy5_zpsa5fa177a.jpg photo italy2_zpsfd7e195e.jpg
boots c/o: TBA
tie die silk: vintage
pants: madewell
jacket: vintage

I'm trying my best to check out different neighborhoods in Chicago that I don't normally check out. It's easy to make Chicago VERY SUBURBAN by only staying in the hood you live in. (Which is how you tell there's tons of suburban transplants in the city)

Recently I walked around little Italy. There isn't a whole lot to do shopping wise, but there's plenty of food options (try: stax, or the italian ices!!) and a comic book store if you're interested!

I also got the chance to wear my TBA boots FINALLY, (before my mom stole them =_=) I didn't want to get salt all over them, but they will most likely become a fall staple. I always feel cooler in boots, don't you?

 photo italy4_zps2e671ad0.jpg photo italy6_zpsfac7c7d5.jpg photo italy3_zps7ed8596c.jpg


  1. so sweet. love it!

  2. Love these photos! Your jacket is so cool xo

  3. Those look GREAT on you! Yes, I always feel cooler in boots.

  4. Aww I love this type of boots they are my favourite style, cowboyish and perfect heel for the everyday :)

  5. Yes, I always feel cooler in boots! Yours are great. Love the metal on the tips.


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