Blue Monday

 photo globe10_zpsafc85a14.jpg photo globe9_zpsdda8d6eb.jpg photo globe5_zpsc22dd6c7.jpg photo globe6_zps8b14b28e.jpg photo globe4_zps9c4b2ca8.jpg
Cropped shirt: F21
High waist trousers: American Apparel
Shoes: F21
watch: Feral

Some of you know that I've decided to make a drastic life change or at least for me it seems drastic. But I have these silly dreams that I hold to, like a bouquet of balloons. I know that when I reach this place where I feel stable I can let go of these balloons, and let these dreams handle themselves. Reach heavenly and dare I say, impossible places. Until then I'm holding on letting the days go by until my dream is reached. Even if my arm gets tired.
 photo globe8_zpsb4cc8b88.jpg photo globe11_zps0b32745d.jpg photo globe13_zps99d342ba.jpg photo globe7_zps30a36c72.jpg photo globe3_zpsc65b3e6f.jpg photo globe2_zpsead4619e.jpg


  1. Very cool photos! Love the blues! Very classy yet fun!

  2. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

  3. I love these photos! You look gorgeous, I love the shoes xo

  4. i love this post reminds of the movie red ballon

  5. this is so cute!! i LOVE that striped top and those pants xx

  6. that fence! that fence and your outfit! ah!


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