at dusk

 photo fs9_zps19ee18d6.jpg photo fs8_zpsdb40e982.jpg photo fs3_zps9bfe56cf.jpg photo fs2_zps15296cb8.jpg

border shirt: madewell
paperbag waist pants: idk
boots: vintage from mexico
glasses: bonlook (simply fab in havana)

There's really not a better feeling in the summertime than the feeling at dusk. It's fleeting but satisfying, the air begins to cool, you know the daytime is ending, beach time is over, al fresco lunches at the deli are no more, but alas it's night time. To young to sleep as the sun sets, it's time to surround yourself with your friends, listen to music and dance the night away. Have a drink and dream about better days ahead.

(Note if I'm a little red or grainy in these photos, it's because we took these at dusk!)

 photo fs7_zps592528e4.jpg photo fs6_zpsfc7ebca1.jpg photo fs4_zps93a6b476.jpg photo fs5_zps34bcf496.jpg


  1. These are such beautiful photos, you look stunning! I love your shoes xo

  2. This is simple and lovely ! And I hope you will come in Paris soon ! (Just seen your pictures of my pretty city ^^)

    Plus, I've just received and email from the magazine Bust. They want to feature me in one of their issues and they sent me two pages from a past issue with... you ! So, I wanted to know it it's you who talked to them avout me and if yes : THANK YOU !!

    See U !

  3. Your shoes are really stunning! Gold Bra Strap


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