tu me manques

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I wanted to share a few photos from Paris, whom I miss very much. I've been too busy to go back and life hasn't really made it easy either. But this pass year has been very hard, probably because I was supposed to go for a month in March and it fell through. Oh Paris, I miss you dearly. I wanted to share MORE photos, but the power is out at my house, so this will have to do for now. I'll continue to share more on thursdays as my little "throwback"...

*sidenote I HATED that photo when it was taken of me a few years ago, but now looking back I love how candid and happy I look, funny how your perception of things change over time. By the way, here's a great french song (sort of) to express how I've been feeling lately! Just tugs on your heart strings right?


  1. I loved this. I've never been to Paris. The nature of my longing to go there just kind of swelled to these abstract, mythic proportions. Just this year I was passed over for a writing residency in Paris; I went through rounds of interviews, and it was thisclose to becoming a reality before I got rejected. It smarted real bad and I was pissed and depressed for a while.

    Also that is my favorite Erik Satie song. I listen to it on vinyl while painting my nails and having feelings.

  2. Life is just unfair you know : I live close to Paris and I'd kill for living in the US... how about we exchange lives??!!

  3. How cool - how long did you live in Paris? Sounds like your Paris is my London. I lived there on and off for a few years and really miss it dearly a lot of the time.


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