smarty pants

smartie pants

sorry sorry sorry! for being absent! I know blogger "shouldn't apologize" but I've been raised courteous to a fault. So again, my apologize. Work + Summer + Moving (yes moving) has made my life HECTIC, but I am still taking outfit posts I just have not had time to post them DX.

Anyway I've been dreaming up the perfect outfit for summer frolicking to the movies and to concerts. Can I admit that I'm officially in love with overalls and modern vice jett boots!! I'm stoked for summer this year. Usually I dread it, but this year I'm oddly optimistic. I think I've been influenced by all the Francois Hardy that has over loaded my ipod. But this sucker is currently my JAM!

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  1. Smarties!!! I used to KILL those. lol...why is that the first thing I noticed?? smh. Love that outfit, perfect for summer concerts as mentioned...and those shades??? I wish those shades would appear in my accessories drawer like right now. It's so unfair that life can't work that way!

    Now following you via Bloglovin'!

  2. oh my jesus. those boots!
    be still my heart.
    feeling all of this so much.

  3. Love all of themmmm

  4. Love your inspirations !


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