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 photo hm4_zps3a1df385.jpg photo hm5_zps0f21a5f7.jpg photo hm2_zps08349903.jpg photo schoolboy7_zpsd67c740c.jpg(last years look)

blazer: la poule noire vintage
everything else: thifted/vintage

When I was getting dressed this morning, I had a flash back to last July were I was wearing basically the same outfit. Is it coincidence? Or do we really dress in loops? It's fun to look back to see how I have changed. Still high waisted, always quirky, but I sense an air of maturity. My hair is a bit longer (I did cut it again between these two points) and look, a skirt! I don't know where this lady like confidence is streaming from but I can dig it. My boss and I were joking about how tan we've become this summer, there's no avoiding it. I enjoy vitamin D, and I'm not one of those girls who dread being thought as a darker skinned girl (whatever..) the only thing I dread is buying new make up. I just end up having a darker bottle and a lighter bottle of foundation that looks similar to my parents and mix them as summer grows on. Funny thing though is my white genes don't tan as well as my black ones, so I go get some fun time speckled pigmentation that I used to be embarrassed about but now I'm just proud to be so funny looking.

I think that's my takeaway from this year so far. To learn to be comfortable in this awkward skin I'm in.  photo hm3_zps7bc8fb0c.jpg photo hm7_zps04e84df6.jpg photo hm8_zps29302de9.jpg photo hm6_zpsfe0505ef.jpg photo hm9_zps7cd35169.jpg photo hm10_zps2ce9fb01.jpg


  1. Cet ensemble te va parfaitement c'est chic et funcky sur toi! J'adore ton style Bises de France au fait c'├ętait bien ton Bastille day? M-C

  2. Gorgeous!I love the shirt xo

  3. Badass outfit! I wish it were cool enough to wear blazers here. I always enjoy looking back over the year to see how elements of my personal style have changed!


  4. I love how you just write "everything else: thrifted"... lol I have this same phenomena in my outfits too... almost every outfit I end up wearing seems to always be about 75-100 percent thrifted goodness! we rule!

  5. Lookin' smart as yuuj

  6. love this funky hair ! Quel attitude, j'adore !


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