school boy

blouse: vintage
shorts: topshop 
red flats: vintage
jacket: paul frank (since 7th grade uniform days...lawls)

As much fun I had in my last post with the floral headband and all, I'm really stoked (yes, stoked) to be dressing like my old self again. My old, old self. Friends, I feel like I've been through a journey, a fashion journey, going through phases from the 70s to the 90s trying to find and define my style. For a while I enjoyed dabbling in more of a boho 90s look. But nothing seems to resonate better than looking like the female protagonist in a Nora Ephron film. High waist, button down, jacket, brogues, yes sir, that's the look for me. I'm also starting to get into more jewel tones & muted pastels. I feel like every girl under the sun has color blocked a blue blazer with hot pink pants from F21 and called it a night! But I'm dressing this way not because it's trendy, but because it's so weirdly me!

AND I WONT STOP until I feel like I can seamlessly blend into a Wooden Allen Film.

This look, a little more Wes Anderson meets the BBC, I feel like a private school boy. It also reminds me of when I SO BADLY wished that I was sent away to boarding school. All the cool kids in the books I read as a child were either orphans or in boarding school, and to me it sounded great! (Similar to Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom...hurrhurr) But gratefully my mom kept me nearby, but I still had to wear a uniform though....

you take the good
you take the bad
you take them both
and there you have....
the facts of life.....THE FACTS OF LYFE


  1. Very cute! Question, what do you use on your hair? Because it looks like mine (but with an actual cut)... Also, is that your natural color? Because its really pretty. And finally, you have great legs! I can't wear shorts... Well, not with confidence, anyway. Lol.

  2. haha I used to kind of wish for boarding school when I was a kid, too. Or at least school uniforms or something. Now that sounds awfully limiting, but growing up it would have been great!
    also, YOU look great, girl!

    The Flight of Fancy

  3. Well, damn. Don't you look dapper! Love the blazer and the preppy vibe. Loving your checker buttondown. It's a great color and design. And I second Alisha's comment on you having fantastic legs. Werk!

  4. Love it, fancy pants!

  5. The Facts of Life was my FAVOURITE show when I was like 8 or 9- I wish they still aired re-runs!
    Lovin' the look too, I'm a big fan of blazers. Your hair is still super rad sans headband too :)

  6. 12 long years I spent in a school uniform and not once did I look this cool and quirky! It's simply not fair! I love this on you, you look amazing. Blending perfectly into a Woody Allen film is a great goal.

  7. You've got the most badass style! I'm super envious of your blue blazer! And of the fact that you managed to make this outfit perfect for summer! Genius!
    Also, your last comment on our blog might be the best thing anyone has every written on it! I laughed a lot when I read it! Thank you!


  8. great look, but i'm particularly drawn to the vintage blouse buttoned up all the way! i appreciate that your dressing manages to be attractive and funky but without showing too much. classy classy avant blargh!


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