Everyone but me

Bastealing it

Is it me, or has everyone jumped on a plane and flew to a more promising Bastille Day location? From work to friends, everyone is going French except for moi! Even though I have to spend Bastille Day in Chicago, doesn't mean I can't bring the comforts of France to myself. Whether is running to the local pâtisserie for a much needed baguette, or some refreshing sparkling citron pressé, there are ways to get your French fix without the airfare. Plus my friends at Garage.ca are bringing me that punky Montréal style so I can be perfectly yéyé for any local celebrations without looking like the american flag. Let's try our bleu, blanc et rouge a little differently this year, eh? How about a red nail, and blue rucksack, and a white graphic tee shirt? Throw on some vintage bell bottoms, and you'll be ready to jump around saying "vie la France!" all night long!


  1. Bastille day!? I'm ever not sure that we celebrate this day... Enjoy to the max then :)http://theladyvintage.blogspot.fr/
    Hug from France

  2. I need those boots in my life but I'd get them so wrecked, haha

  3. I just realize about your Bastille day!! I touched down :) of course 14th july What a shame on me lol!
    Thx for your visit & com on our vintage mood xoxo from South of France M-C

  4. And tu parles français ok j'ai tout compris lol!


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