What Would Moriarty Do?

 photo turt15_zps46d2d8e1.jpg photo turt14_zps0c21584b.jpg photo turt2_zpsbe65d856.jpg photo turt13_zps6cb7ea53.jpg
Everything else: thrifted/vintage

Heroes in a half shell? Maybe. I'm going to be honest, I stole this look from Lady Moriarty, my blogger hero. There really isn't another blogger whom time and time again consistently impresses me with her looks. Maybe because she isn't going for trend, she's just going for style, her own style.
Layered necklaces, funny t-shirt, vintage loafers, high waists, and oh yes a jacket. Plus a purse! I normally don't fotog my bags, but for this instance I insisted!
I know what you're thinking, what's the diff between Elodie's signature look and mine? Not sure really. Let's be cliche and say it's a certain je ne sais quoi. All I do know, is every look she does I adore! Even her tribute look to me (still honored). And I've been inspired to incorporate more tees! This particular one was brought to you buy my friends at Jack of all Trades, who customize hero and comic book tees. Plus, proceeds go to The Montréal Children's Hospital Foundation. That's a bingo, my friends!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go run the sewers and get some pizza, I'll be back later.

Cowabunga dudes!

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  1. Your shoes are awesome~ many textures and patterns going on at once!
    you're hair just gets better and betterrrr man.

  2. Very nice post & we do love Elodie's style too but still you're unique
    Cowabunga dear Bianca M-C

  3. This is stunning! I really love your blazer, it's such a gorgeous colour xo

  4. Great outfit, those shoes are amazing :) I love Lady Moriarty too! <3

  5. you look gorg, these trousers are lush! xxx

  6. agree Lady Moriarty ALWAYS looks damm good.
    love your spin of Elodie's look.


  7. Yeah this outfit is awesome. I love how you've styled this TMNT shirt with the fun high-waisted pants. You always make me want to throw on a pair of high-waisted pants because you look so cool in them!

  8. WHAT !!!!???? I didn't comment ??? I'm a disgusting mean person : THANK U !!

    See U !


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