Veer Fall 2013 Lookbook

 photo veer4_zpsefc8cb13.jpg photo veer5_zps950d0872.jpg photo veer6_zps2b4368d0.jpg photo veer1_zps4083b381.jpg photo veer2_zpscf53353d.jpg photo veer3_zps66cc8b80.jpglookbook images c/o Veer, photographed by Allie Leepson

I had the chance to get a sneak peek at Veer Fall 2013 lookbook, and I'm already in love. It should come as no surprise to you all that I love tomboy style. And looking through Veer's lookbook only makes me love it MORE! Veer is a curated online boutique that finds the best of women's and men's fashion blurring the line between styles. Plus they are all about fit, so if you're not necessarily "boy shaped" but you love boys clothes, this is the place for you! I'm literally counting down the days until they open! WHICH IS THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! I've been dying for some drop waist pants recently. I think is after so many years of Japanese street mags, I'M FINALLY CONVINCED! JE VEUX DROP CROTCH! JE VEUX VEER (say that 5xs fast..)


  1. I agree, love the tomboy style! The vibe is very Comme des Garcons.

  2. I'm quite a feminine girl when it comes to style but I'm digging the masculine vibes of this collection.


  3. So true you rule the tomboy style Bianca


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