RIYKA F/W 2013

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All photos c/o Riyka

I was contacted by Rebecca, the designer of Riyka the other day. She wanted to tell me about her collection, Riyka. Based out of London (by way of Tel Aviv), this husband and wife duo create a collection that is graphically inclined and a little tomboy. All I can say was "wow" I really love the use of colors and lines here. Even though I live a Batman-esque life (by day I'm a graphic designer by night I'm an actor) the designer in me is always pleased by the use of bold colors and lines. (Not surprised with some of the badass Bauhaus design that comes out of Tel Aviv) I like how simple this collection is. Plus who doesn't love a bit of girl meets boy? Despite the pops of yellow and orange this Riyka F/W collection reminds me of my uniform days for back to school.

As Chicago chills out, I'm reminiscent of wearing a fresh pair of navy leggings with my sweater vest and shirt buttoned up. I was probably THE ONLY CHILD IN MY SCHOOL who loved her uniform. The uniform allowed me to be creative in other forms. Plus I always used my free time to start some business or another (I've done everything from make candy to seasoned bath salts..!) For me a classic frees the mind for other activities. Maybe that's why I basically dress the same everyday.  photo riyka5_zps6e264e5e.jpg photo riyka3_zps41467d4e.jpg photo riyka9_zpseb233871.jpg photo riyka4_zps4931b0a2.jpg

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  1. im in awe. I definitely love the minimal colorblocking.Pretty!


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