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 photo mod2_zps76dbf46d.jpgphoto by modcloth

(angela vest & corrie blouse: riyka, shorts: vintage, heels: elizabeth & james)

It has come and gone, and all that is left of NYFW is a blur! But one thing that I was really excited about collaborating on is this awesome video with ModCloth! I was so HONORED when they asked to be apart of their street style series! Lil ole me! Haha! Anyway, I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the true nerd in me! So check it out! And special thanks to Riyka for providing this awesome outfit AMIRITE? Making my tomboy dreams come true and all...

(see the whole feature here!)


  1. i love and you definitely suit their style aesthetic... what an opportunity!

  2. LOVE YOUR SHOES!!! props on the collab with!!

  3. You're a silly goose. I think similarly in that I try to find my own style apart from the mainstream.

    You look great! Keep rocking the tomboy looks. You make Woody look good. haha.



  4. You look great! Keep rocking the tomboy looks.

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