Mayflower Supply Winter 2014

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Even though I have spring on THE BRAIN, it's still winter outside, oh it's been a long a bruTAL winter, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Though to be honest, I don't mind winter I harvest the most creativity then because I am forced to stay home and create! I do miss warm weather, going out, playing, I love it as much as I love staying in, reading books, keeping to myself.

One thing I enjoy doing all seasons is window shopping! Haha, I've been spending more online since I can't go out, and to be honest it's more of a conscious spending as well, versus just impulsive buy. An online shop I can always rely on is Mayflower Supply, my friends Liz and Emily came together for this ultra lovely winter lookbook, having you dream up outfits against industrial backgrounds. The graffiti in the background are apart of the Bushwick Collective in brooklyn, adding that extra city kid meets New England feel. I miss my new york friends!!! But I'm so happy to see them collaborating and doing cool thangs.

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  1. Oh gosh, I followed the link and the clothes are lovely. *sighs* I know where my money is itching to go now. Thank you for sharing! :D x


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