weather outside is frightful

 photo f4_zps0ba1866f.jpg photo f5_zps02fe2aef.jpg photo f1_zpsb66deb6a.jpgcoat: vintage
sweater: vintage
denim shirt: old navy (similar)
pants: uniqlo
boots: sorel (similar)

I know some of you kiddos are like "BLARGH UPDATES, WE NEED BLARGH UPDATES!!" And I desperately want to give them to you. I have the outfit set, the camera ready, and I want to go, BUT ALAS, there's no hope for that because Chicago has suddenly turned into Antarctica, leaving the possibility of photo taking merely impossible. Plus my home is too tiny for photoshoots indoors. I'll try my best to bring you some outfits soon! Hopefully spring will rear its head by March. So far we've gotten 52" of snow since Dec 1st! Last year we only got 8"!! I threw on this coat and played in the storm until my soup was ready and I ended my afternoon watching PBS. But hold tight my friends, I got some great collabs headed your way, and some fun photoshoots that are planned to be shot in the near future. But hopefully the weather will permit one photoshoot a week, hopefully,

 photo f3_zpse661b18d.jpg photo f2_zps051b62f1.jpg photo f7_zps9974d88c.jpg photo f6_zps4a65f9e9.jpg


  1. These photos are STUNNING - you look beautiful! The cold weather suits you hahax o

  2. Adore your pics soooo huge you're a beaut there's no doubt :))) M-C

  3. Your hair is (obviously) fantastic and I love that cozy looking coat. <3

  4. You look so cozy!! Yes, every winter I'm like "ytf do I live in the North East" and then the dismal cold breaks and a glimmer of spring tames my nerves

    Here's to the same for you!

  5. *sighs* Your hair is simply amazing and I love the outfit - it looks so warm :3

    1. Ps. I reviewed that Baby Skin Primer (thought you might like to know!) xx

  6. This coat is dreamy!


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