where the heart is

green28green22green27 sweater: american apparel (similar)
men's pants: vintage
belt: madewell
turtle neck: muji (similar)

Another post photographed by my dear friend Kathryn before I moved back to Chicago. I know, "you what?!" That's right kiddos, I'm back in Chicago. After "living the dream" in NYC I realized that my heart existed in Chicago, and a few empty bank accounts and hospital worthy accidents later, I find myself back in the Chi. Doesn't mean there aren't fond memories of NYC, especially where we took these photos on 110th and Cathedral. Oh my how I loved the upper west side. I could live out my seinfield-y dreams, sit in cafes, imagine George and Ira Gershwin writing Rhapsody in Blue, and yell at me friends to meet me at Columbus or Amsterdam. New York will never be without it's majesty, but for me, I guess home is where my heart is.



  1. I miss my slimmer days when I was able to wear men's trousers. Now I'm so darn chubby and voluptuous, I'd have to get them in several sizes too big to fit over my massive thighs... then I look like a female Biggie Smalls. Not cool.

  2. You look gorgeous! The belt looks amazing on you xo

  3. your hair! how come you're so damn cute!? also, your friend Kathryn is an amazing photographer... if only I had friends like her! p.s. i'm still looking for that perfect pair of trousers. HELP!

  4. These pictures are utterly gorgeous! <3

  5. LOVE your vintage style! and your hair is amazing! x


  6. Yay! Glad to hear you're back in the Chi!

    I love these set of photos. They're so moody...and editorial! PS: Your hair looks amazing.

  7. That sweater is amazing and the colour looks great on you!! We love anything cable knit


  8. lovely photos and your style is classic. i've always loved it. sometimes you have to leave home and give it a go somewhere else to appreciate what you've left behind. and you'll always have the memories of NYC. life is an interesting adventure, isn't it?

  9. I get exactly what you say, I´m doing the same as well, living the dream! In the end you should stay where your heart belongs!

  10. Lovely photos! It took me 9 months of travelling the world to realise how much I loved my hometown. I want to visit Chicago some day!

    Tara xo

  11. first off I am obsessed with the look!!!second im obsessed with your hair!!everytime im on your blog to be exact lol

  12. Loving this outfit! Your hair is awesome as well!

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    Style Honestly


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