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on to the audition

All month I've been recalculating my look for 2014. Don't worry I still love 70s-90s style, but each year I like to redefine and curate my look. Plus after dumping out 2/3rds of my clothes last summer I have been carefully selecting out pieces that I really want that can translate into many different looks. The look I have been really into recently is the "struggling actor" not saying that something I want to be (the struggling part) but I love the attitude that comes with an earnest young actor hungry for work. Lots of layers, simple colors that don't compete, a little bit of flair and attitude like brown lipstick, berets, and scarves. (those auditioning rooms are mighty cold) and of course character driven glasses. This also goes with the whole freelancer ideology I have slipped into, because isn't an actor nothing more than a permanent freelancer?

I also compiled the pieces that would make a great actor's look, full of yummy sweaters easy to move and dance in, relaxed but structured pants, great shoes, and accessories, to create any character you want to be.


  1. nice look and concept!!! I dig it.

    -Chymere A.

  2. I really love your sense of style, it suits you so well. I had never really though of actors as permanent freelancers, there's something quite romantic about that!

  3. I agree wid u Bianca very nice concept style !! But where are u in this post lol :))) M-C

  4. LOVE IT! It feels so good to finally come up with a style initiative that you know will make it easier to buy just what you need, doesn't it?

  5. I looove this collage! i love how your blog offers so many visual delights, its a pictorial pain de quotidien :)


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