be mine, be myself

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Clifford the big read coat: vintage (similar) (similar)
jeans: madewell
boots: vintage (similar)
turtleneck: muji (similar

Sometimes I grow weary of the constant scrutinization of myself. "I wish I had more here and less here" "I wish I was taller" "I wish I was thinner" "I wish I looked like one of those off-duty model types" "I wish I was more confident in what I got" "I wish I had 8 million readers and a deal with blank magazine" But I eventually had to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

And simply put, I am enough. No I'm not that tall (though turns out I'm taller than like half of all the blogger/models) My thighs touch, and heck I really like donuts so I don't think they are gonna stop touching, (even when my mom was a size 0 her thigh touched, in fact she finds this whole thigh gap phenomena a bit odd cuz "back in her day...") I know lots of you say you love my hair, but even I dream of having her hair or her hair. But I am beautiful the way I am. I'm learning to silence the voice that says "you're not good enough" and simply listen to the one that says "you are enough" whether I am a size 6-18 because depending on the day I'm at least one of those sizes within the same week. I'm done judging myself. I'm done critiquing myself. Because if I don't love myself, who will?

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  1. That jacket is PERFECT! You look gorgeous xo

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  3. God this post is perfect! It's such a messy, long journey to loving yourself, I think, and a couple years ago I absolutely hated so many aspects of myself. I'm finally growing and finally on the right path and I'm glad you are too (BECAUSE I THINK YOU ARE SUCH A BABE OH MY GODDDD).

  4. Ahh~ you look lovely! The second picture in particular is really grabbing. So lovely :D

  5. Word! Preach, sister, preach. The whole thigh gap thing is crazy, especially as it has more to do with hip width than anything else - fun fact. We're all on a journey to love ourselves, your openness is appreciated!

  6. I think I'm going to bookmark this post in case I ever need a pep talk. FEELING THE GOOD VIBES & THAT AMAZING COAT.

  7. This is exactly how I've been feeling lately. We are all enough, and we all need to love ourselves more <3

  8. YEAH! YEAH! no thank you for this though- it's timely- those voices have been very loud to me lately..

  9. We were all created different and beautiful in a unique way. If we all looked the same, then how boring life will be. You are beautiful and totally unique and it is so much fun to see how you style pieces of clothing. Keep up the good work. It's about real girls showing what fashion in every day life looks like.



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