we're both on a cleanse

 photo floral3_zps6c23725c.jpg photo floral4_zpsca7593ff.jpg photo floral9_zpsb814c50f.jpgcrown: DIY by moi
glasses: mallory by warby parker
denim shirt: thrifted (similar)
jacket: thrifted (similar)
jeans: articles of society (similar)
boots: vintage (similar)

Yesterday it was HOT HOT HOT (well 50 degrees which isn't necessarily hottt but its pretty warm for those who have been dealing with below zero temps for three months) And now I'm getting alerts for another snow storm advisory. Let me hold back my tears. I can't say I'm 100% upset because warm weather me fun in the sun and brunching al fresco on Sundays, which I won't be doing for the next two weeks while I'm on the juice cleanse. Since I "broke" my foot I haven't been feeling 100% a little sluggish and just plain blergh (not blargh) So I feel like it's time to cleanse out as the same way mother nature is as we wash away all this gunky snow until the weather is clear and fresh! So when it is officially sprang, I'll be ready to eat pizza at 3am with the best of them!

And for those who are wondering, yes my hair is pink now weeee! I think it's life imitating art. I kept drawing myself with the pink stuff and thought it would be fun to try IRL. I'm also wearing this floral crown to try to initiate spring. At first I thought it was hopeless, but then again my friends I think it\'s working! photo floral5_zpsb15a1a38.jpg photo floral8_zps4b90f312.jpg


  1. I love your crown!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure I could wear this outfit every day and never tire of it. Also, your pink hair... it's all kinds of amazing.

  3. floral crowns are the best! Looks great with your outfit.


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