pants ahoy

I've recently been feeling like Captain Ahab searching for my white whale, which would definitely be PANTS. Yes, pants! Are any of you guys like me small in the waist but thick in the hips? I've had extra junk in the trunk since I cartwheeled out the womb. And shopping for pants has been nothing but a nightmare. Recently I've been on an online shopping excursion looking for the perfect pantalones for me! I went to the mall this weekend with my mom and remember some of my favorite teenage brands like Delia's or rue21. In fact I still remember the first time I went to rue21, on a family road trip when I was in my early teens. Even then I remember be ecstatic when I found a pair of pants that fit! And on the shopping trip I bought of let’s say 4 pairs, because when they fit, they fit! Now as I get older, I'm no longer sporting the ultra-low rise boot cut jean similar to Britney Spears. But I am loving these trendy pieces like these daisy palazzo pantscarnation harem pants. (Did I mention that I've been on a harem pant binge?) Plus when I don't feel loosey goosey, they also have some high waisted jeans to fit my classic cut needs. It's been a while since I visited these brands that I used to adore, that I could get used to adoring again. Especially at these prices, I can try out trends without feeling like I tried them out instead of paying my light bill. Now that's something we all can be happy about. See more cute thingies at!


  1. I have a horrible time shopping for pants but I am the opposite of you! I am narrow as a pole with a 35" inseam!

    I wish you luck, Captain Ahab!

    x Kenzie

  2. finding good pants is a journey for my part : I've got the hips of a 14 years old boy, it's the worst ! I hate them !! AND I have an amount of grease in the worst place, I look like shit most of the times, but, hey, c'est la vie !

    See U !

  3. great site its really fun and inspiring

  4. Holla on having a tiny waist and wide hips. More to love.



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