all i want for christmas...

is to never hear that song again. HAHA, back when I was like 19-20? I used to work for Clinique and during christmas the only song they would play was Mariah Carey's "all I want for christmas" and I officially despise that version of that song. Nothing against Ms. Carey or christmas songs...just when you hear a song 100xs a day since halloween.....

anyway, my home is prepped for the holidays! this is my first christmas at my own place. I am rather excited :D thanks for all those who sent cards and gifts ^^ I'm pretty excited about this weekend. Today its another hipster holiday bash with yanky swap (haha!) tomorrow, family time, and saturday we are trekking off to my bros house to visit my nephew vader (whose a boston terrier lol)


of course every girl has their wish list ^_^
(but whatever i get this year, I know I'm blessed :D)


nastygal navajo dress, bass boots, boat shoes,stripes from yesstyle,opening ceremony navajo tote, velvet american apparel dress, dolman sweater from yesstyle,juice box camera, and of course the oh so cute james franco XD


merry christmas, happy kwanzaa, hope yer hanukkah was good, and everyone else happy holidays! see you next week! (i'll be floating around of course ;) )



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