hipster holiday party

i couldnt decide what I wanted to talk about today, lost boys, christmas, how much i hate snow, horses....well I decided just to start with my weekend. We threw a surprise party for one of my great friends, (thrown by his oh so cute gf) she combined, not one, not two, but THREE sets of friends, I was reminded by that jim gaffighan joke that goes..

"You ever mix two different groups of friends? That can be stressful. You always feel like you have to prep 'em, You're like....'these ppl over here, uh...they don't think I drink. And don't be thrown by my british accent.'"

However, contrary to popular belief, it went really well and we were all able to bond watching ninja warrior whilst waiting for the guest of honor to arrive and comparing it to Nickelodeon game shows like double dare or legends of the hidden temple...

highlight of the night besides really touching my friends heart (now that were all old and never really get together as much, or have the time to) someone putting an entire case of PBR in the trash...where it belongs


wiw: (party: AA tribal dress, movie: freeppl crop sweater, AA: thigh highs, UO: button down skirt)

hipster cat obviously did NOT want his picture taken...humph, he's kinda pissed that one of my friends gave him a hair cut like a poodle (he was making everyone sneeze, and no worries, she's a professorial)

the next day my friends and I watched The Lost Boys on VHS, if you saw my rant on tumblr I explained how the VHS player ate the tape and we had remember our old tricks of preventing that from happening again. I won't get too much into the lost boys other than that IT'S AWESOME, and super hilarious. You should definitely check it out...it is just so corny but so entertaining. Thats why my friend and I were inspired to take some wayfayer pics just for the occasion.

& yes...that is a new free people sweater...i know I just should give free people my direct deposit routing number and call it a night...ha!

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