zoo lights

Dave + I went to Zoo lights at Lincoln Park Zoo, in my hood over the weekend. I was going to have that party & if you follow my tweets you'd know I was freakin out over it. But instead, we decided to cancel all our plans and just be big kids for the holiday. I think this was truly the best idea. We snapped tons of pics, photoboothed (yay), walk around, then after we got too cold went to my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the city.

What I love about zoo lights is its free, so you don't feel obligated to stay! Just look around then run away! My french club used to volunteer there when I was in High School, so it did bring up old memories...(of knowing french, lol, grandmere, desoleeeee)

At the cafe I got some veggie chili (yum) and then some tofu tostadas.... sooo good. They do tofu right here, its not like "thanks for the erasers :/" (I think I'll do a hip city review of chicago soon like Veronica, tell u more of cool places in the city like this.)

(what i wore, fyi, blouse-zara, shorts-UO, sweater-vintage,
thigh highs-american apparel, boots- steve madden)

It was overall a lovely night and I'm glad that I just decided to just have a quiet intimate night than just running around overwhelmed at a party and people messing up my house, ha!

Anyway, Ive been snapping away so much recently, I'm going to keep with the photo diary style for a while and see how it reflects on my blog? Do you like this style? Or prefer more yappity yap?

Stay warm loves...

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