i fleetly flee i fly

as you well know I have almost been gone for an entire MONTH, almost anyway.... I have been trying to spend LESS time on the internet MORE time making art. Too many opportunities have arose in my life too pull my attention in too many directions. HOWEVER, i will still keep up this blog this is why I made it pwetty....

and oh for those who don't follow me on tumblr, I would love to introduce you to the love of my life Cooper Bernstein, he's the mascot in the header, even though he's fictional, he's truly got the best of my love---- learn more about him here. I feel obligated to make a comic about him...will do..later.....

My resolutions fyi:
be more productive
be more punctual (CP TIME IZNT A REAL TIME)
spend less $$$
and read MOAR
+++spend less time on tumblr...thats right

my art

and it has worked. I have been getting more sleep. I allow myself to browse it throughout the day BUT i have a cut off time, and its been great! I also tried to focus my blog, let it be less about kittens & y u no memes, but more of the alter ego to this blog. plus I try to allow me weekends to be FOR ME not for the interwebs, so if you notice me disappearing fri-sun its because I'm pretending to be human....

I have been working more on my ART in the meantime which includes:
making comics...
making gallery art (more prestine than...comics)
making random stuff for hahas because as artist we like to make random stuff
ELEANORZINE (which sucks up a lot of time)

I'm trying to do these things RITE and not rush through them, I apologize if eleanorzine is taking longer than we had hoped but i want it to be ...nice, nothing slapped together, not sooooo many typos..i want it to be great and not rushed for time...so be patient my friends, she will arrive fashionably late, but still...fashionably

Other things that have been taking up my time have been:
taking a milinery class & applying for summer internships ala NYC....

me in nyc many moons ago...

whipping together a decent portfolio takes time especially when they want to keep it. I would love love love to pick up my kit and move to NYC forevers, but I need to be prepared for it....

I'm definitely be focusing my energy on my REAL LIFE recently( i often forget i HAVE one of those :/), having an internet presence is grand, but I want my actual life to be focused and striding....

+I have been spending less recently but i want to save that info on tomorrow's post (if it shows up tomorrow!)

till tomorrow...

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