too lazy to think of something clever

My head in way in the clouds guys. My throat is killing me and so is my head. Thanks to Zoraida I did gargle so I'm feeling a little better, but my mind keeps wanting to go take a hot bath and sleep till tomorrow, so here's a quick update on my new years celebratory events....


(pics: food from my family's new years party, my yeasayer coordinated, velvet bodycon dress + one of my mom's design school jackets, jeff camb shoes, tights, tights, thigh highs (it was cold), health (openers) yeasayer (+3), first sunrise of 2k11)

I hope everyone's new years were fantastic and lovely, whether or not you went out or spent time with those you love or things you love (like tumblr) I hope it was great. NOW I SLEEP, i can't keep my eyes open any longer....i promise my next update will be less lazy...

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