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i have sheer determination about blogging recently, i won't quit! even if that means crappy webcam coordinate fotos.

(what i wore chambray shirt:: french connection//high waisted jeans::charlotte ronson//belt::vintage)

by any means necessary.

anywho... this weekend started off as a total bummer, i went to soho, got so-aked, and was to bro-oke to truly enjoy anything. I explored the area, but i'm not a gal who can be easily entertained by 12 urban outfitters and 6 am appys. i ate plenty of mexican food, because mexican food equals happiness in my book. and right now since i had to drop some big bucks to be able to get & live & eat here, shopping isn't a necessity. Although I am kinda dwelling in irony since I brought mostly suits, and they are pretty casual in the office. Oh well, shopping will happen, just not till pay day $$$$..... i was going to go see x-men on saturday but i ended up staying in and watching the crucible & sherlock holmes (bbc version)

after feeling all sad and lonely on saturday and praticing my own sympathy violin well enough to get into carnegie hall, on sunday, i got a call from a coworker to go see x-men, but i kept missing her texts cause i was on the phone with my mom. then another friend contacted me to go to renegade craft fair (which i love to hate) but i already promised my other friend to go see the movie.

long story short I was able to do both, the coworker decided to do dinner instead (sorry xavier) which gave me enough time to swing over to brooklyn and check out renegade!
it was also my first time in brooklyn and my first time meeting back pack block party Al, which I was super stoked about meeting her since we get along so well via email. This was like my first "meet a blogger irl" experience, AND IT WAS GREAT, we acted like we knew each other since kindergarten. Also she helps with the zine~ i'm hoping we can collab while i'm here! (also it was great going to brooklyn, it was my first time in NYC that I felt "at home")
after a quick run around with Al, who was also nice enough to take me to a japanese grocery store (yum!) I ran back over to the village with dinner with my co-worker friend! we got noodles at Noodle Bar and it was both cheap and DELISH, ugh vegetarian noodles done rite! so yummers. I like seriously cleaned my plate. (this photo is just an image of what the serve not what we got :P)

Anyway long post no? I guess it was due, all the images that aren't of me I took from here, here, and here (thank you ♥)

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