Lost in translation

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There are some things I prefer from foreign countries rather than locally...in more specific terms, i enjoy foreign magazines.

I understand the notion of being green, and that its better to buy mags locally, but opening the glossy pages to these gems have me saying otherwise.

I found this beaut at a magazine stand on the haussman blvds...and by its cover alone I was sold. I carry it with me almost everyday and scan, study, learn the pages. It does not waste your time with fluff articles and celeb campaigns, its all and nothing but French fashion, which will always but my proud country to shame. Plus, its not haute couture which most ppl correlate French fashion with, its as street and sassy as a classic nylon mag, but clearly I love this more.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket ( i ♥ kana)

Now before you start judging and say "hey u just dissed nylon!" keep in mind that I was hatoraiding on American nylon not my sweet Japanese twist. At first nylon Japan was nothing more than a snooze ridden translated version on nylon USA, but now its starting to find its own tune and kick its American mother to the curb like a self righteous angsty teen. I LOVE IT! Much more enjoyable than the US version and more fashion forward than celebrity chasing. Plus its got blogger style down pat teaching you the tricks of some of my faves like trop rouge's Christina Caradona. I lurv it to pieces and on a side note I hope blogger style stays for like another 3-5 years. I finally found a niche I LIKE. ♥♥

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