I hate to come with you with cliche apologies, but im really sorry ive been MIA after being such a consistent blogger!! It has nothing more to do with anything other than ive been FEVERISHNESS working on eleanorzine!!! Hopefully it will be out within DAYS...yes dare i say it...DAYS!!

Last weekend was BALLAH, i did so much, dancing, walking through parks, concerts in williamsburg, photoboothing! yes I did it all but I'll save the deets for later!


I did pick up these shoes and this book. I LOVE ugly shoes, these remind me of my uniform days, they are so empire records or reality bites. I can definitely see myself rockin these in the fall with a crop sweater and a pleated skirt. Just livin my dream of wanting to be a teenager in the early 90s! I am also trying to shop responsibly while im here in NYC it can be easy to by a bunch of cheap trendy junk, but I want stuff that I can carry till fall, maybe even winter.

I also will be wearing these with bobby socks or thigh highs, they are also perfect for work, i cant keep carrie bradshawllin the heels, and i hate being ginormo the clown.

plus these shoes remind me of my icon....

elaine benes, I was thinking of doing my hair like that...for hahas of course!

okay back to zine-ing! love you all! and THANKS tori for the nomination! i will detail that l8rz!

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