Ode to curly hair

This weekend on a sheer whim i decided to get my hair did...yes on a whim. Little did i know id be sucking up regrets the moment i was released from the salon.


I have been wondering about my hair for a while. I am far from those "empowered" sistahs who choose to wear their hair natural as an FU to the white man and the oppression he was put on black women and their looks. Nope i dont give a flying fart about that. Me wearing my hair curly is merely out of laziness and spunk...it makes me stand out and its fun. Plus its easy!! I also struggle with eczema so..clean hair means clear skin.

When i was a child i loathed my curly frocks. I wished i looked more like my white relatives than my black ones in other places than my nose and lips. Kids made it their testament to treat my like garbage because of my hair ...called me everything from scary spice to howard stern to just plain ole ugly. So for years...i pressed out my hair to blend in just a little bit more ( didnt help..much ) i even convinced myself that i looked better this way, that curly hair was God's mistake, but he gave me the gift of heat and chemicals. Boys would break up with me once they saw the curls, and i thought straight hair would make me more universally appealing to some oh so delicious jewds...( i learned, however, that no boy is worth blowing my hair straight for 2 hrs a day)


So this weekend i was taken back to that era of straight hair, sat in a salon for nearly six hours to be given a problem i didnt really need. The stylist kept asking if i needed chemical help, but i refused. Last time i did that i had to shave my head and start anew...i worked too hard for this mane! So i went without but as soon as i left my cultural experience of being the only blacky in a Dominican salon, my hair started to do what it does best. Curl.

The rest of my weekend was dedicated to trying to reverse what naturally occurs. Trying to stop what makes me so different. I dont have any beef with girls who change their hair natural state, my hair is just as stubborn as my spirit, we refuse to be moved or changed, unless necessary. Last night, i returned all my straight hair products and say bye bye to that 17 year old who insisted on changing one of her very best features. Cause baby, I was born this way**


**i had to

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