crazy stupid


(pants-ralph lauren, chiffon blouse- lush, jacket-dont remember XD)

I went to go see crazy, stupid, love with the boy, and sobbed like a little girl. Something about steve carrell rom-coms that just make me sob. It was really really wonderful. I super enjoyed it! Don't be fooled! I didn't care too much for date night, but I also really enjoyed Dan in real life, its simple and sweet. Reminds you of Harry Met Sally, or You got Mail. For a brief moment, Dave and I thought we were the only ones in the theatre, but 5 mins before it started people started pouring in. Oh wells, at least we got to pretend to be kings for a blip! If you havent seen crazy, stupid, love yet go go go. I mean Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling! Some of my faves! I really do adore ms. stone, I wish we could switch LIVES! haha! someday ;)

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