we all float on ok


(sweater-thrifted, shorts-thrifted, tank-wet seal, shoes-F21, sunglasses-vintage Guess)

well, the other day the boy and I said goodbye to one of my longest friends from college. She's moving all the way to New Orleans. I still remember the first day I met her @ a wendys talking about how much boys suxxxed, haha,, now we're both in relationships with guys we both really like. Both in interracial relations, as well! I love cultural mixing!

Anyway, the goodbye was short and sweet, we grabbed some drinks at intelligensia, and walked through millenium park. When I started school this year it felt weird that she wasn't there. But I'm happy she found her place. It seems that a lot of my friends are finding our place, which I am happy about. We can't all stay side by side forever. I'm just counting down the days till I'm back in NYC. Seriously....chicago is LAME in comparison. :'(

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