ghost town


i'm sure you all have been wondering where i've been, and I took a short vacation to my grandparents house. and to see other family. my dad and my brother came to pick me up from nyc (NOOOOO) and drove us all out to pittsburgh to see the fam. I was asking my father while we were on route that how come it seems that when you go visit your family the town always seems so sleepy and small. He wasn't sure why it seemed that way either, but we both agreed that we (my dad, my siblings, and I) are all very much city kids. It was great seeing all of them, and being made fun of by cousins and such. When i make my grand journey to NYC permanently, it will be nice to be much closer to them. Hopefully we can spend more time together.

never will forget going to the mall with my grandparents in new castle, and seeing around 10 cars in the parking lot, and my grandfather remarking "oh its really crowded today, must be a sale" haha, very different than the big apple.


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