black & yellow


(what I'm rockin, black "Elaine" dress: thirfted, yellow jacket : thrifted, boots : UO x vintage, socks : H&M, necklace : mommy's , purse: vintage)

okay, that's it. it seems to be every time someone writes: I'll NVR leave you AGIN BLOG, you disappear! SO THAT'S IT. I'm no longer saying "I'm back for good now" because it seems to be my own demise.

ANYWAYS. SO GLAD ITS FALL RITE? LOVIN THIS WEATHER, I can finally style the coordinates I WANT TO WEAR! It feels good. Over the weekend, I had to do a little pre halloween shopping! (to break away of how stressed I've been, lots of great new oppurtunities have happened this past week but I've been BUSY BUSY, hence the uber sad face ((i make a pretty bomb sad face)) ) I rolled around with many ideas such as Slash from guns and roses, or Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd. BUT I THINK I GOT IT, but shhhhhhh it's a secret hee hee! I love that all my clothes I'm wearing in these pics are vintage! When my mom saw me she rolled her eyes and called me "Elaine" I'll never stopped dressing like Elaine (via Seinfield) SHES MY HERO.

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