weirdly warm


-music from the movie Drive "nightcrawl" by Kavinsky (SO 80s!!!)
(lazy look, but I still love it. dress-f21, sweater-old, shoes-old, and look no glasses ha! weird?)

still didn't get anything done today, instead it was weirdly warm. Like, upper 70s after being in the low 60s. Weird right? I mean not "weird" for the time of season but my sinuses can't take the hots and colds, then sometimes you over or underdress...always have a jacket. So I went with this while attending several outdoor festivals in Chicago land, yet instead of eating guilt inducing carnival food, I had starbucks (which is still guilt-ful) oh well! There was pretty neat bands playing, and I just like being out amongst the people, realizing that people keep mistaking me for 17....

last night I went on a date with my boo, we went out for Indian food (LOVE) & saw Drive with Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, it was...BRILLS, perfect 80s style film. The music in it was...GENIUS, seriously. Now that I'm back home and I can attempt cleaning again I think I will listen to it so more. Dave freaked out because he's already has all the songs ( but it really suited the film. Plus is it me or is Ryan surprisingly hot? He has this "white mike" thing going, that I'm like totally falling for, haha, I'm so embarrassed, sorry mark walbergh, you've been replaced. :P

okay seriously i need to clean...its...just...not...HAPPENING....

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