scouts honor


(what im wearing, yellow owl sweater: vintage, khaki shorts: topshop, shoes: f21, silk blouse: vintage, socks : boyfriends, raisin lippy : cover girl queen collection, owl locket : christmas gift)

I feel like a girl scout, which I used to be. I remember being uber excited to sell cookies and make new friends who were just as passionate as being a sciency nerd that loved cookies, as I. Turned out most of the girls in my troop were more interested in boys and music, which I was a bit of a late bloomer to everyone else. HAHA oh well..:/

I'm rockin my favorite owl sweater at my favorite local brewery. I'm such a hipster to drink locally but the price is right and the food is bomb! I bought this yellow awesome-ness last year for my Arthur costume, and hey it was a wonderful kind of day full of nice weather, model castings, and yum yum veggie nachos! I feel like I've been super busy, but I have exciting news, well quasi exciting....I WANT TO TELL YOU NOW, but I'll wait ;), right now I should be writing a script...but instead I'm going to ditch it and go to a party :P IM SO RESPONSIBLE.....( but i blame it on creative blocking!)

enjoy ur youth, dress like a child...

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