Fashion Night Meow

I don't know why "fashion night meow" sounded like a good idea, maybe it's because I've missed two trains today, and been sitting in side of starbucks for 4 hours, yes thats it...I'm high on espresso by assosiation. :/
(In the fotos ((not in order)): cupcakes, excited to eat, me,
interviews with real housewives, me at fashion show, and my new friends!)

what i'm wearing: vintage blazer, f21 corduroy shorts,
creepers, lush blouse, mom's necklace.

ANYWAYS...Who went to #FNO? it was BALLER, we'll not as high ballin as NYC--DUH but Chicago tries! REAL HARD, GUYS. It wasn't really the fashion that had me impressed, but the designers, and the people. I got to meet super awes beauty blogger Patrice from AfroBella, and hang with designers! I had so much fun! Plus the treats ZOMG THE TREATS!! I could die for one of those cupcakes right now.

It was so inspiring, really wanted me to make my blog more fulltime! I was born in the "industry" with working with my family business (more to come on that ;) ) But I feel like I always rebelled. But I feel like I'm really finding me, and my style! I LOVE IT ALL!! Hee hee, and I think Chi town definitely needs more blogger meet ups! Whose with me?

What did you do for FNO, watch the kardashians on QVC or did ya hit the streets (despite the rain!)

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