They say its your birthday ...


What a year, indeed. I think with each year of my life comes great wonder and opportunity. I feel like i have accomplished what some people only dream to accomplish and yet there's so much i want to do! But im so grateful for every step!

This year the boy took me too the beach (the dunes actually) Friday morning and then threw me a surprise birthday party at night! I DID NOT EVEN REALIZE IT WAS FOR ME! I was like "i love surprises, who is it for?" hehe. But the party was bangin, and also this weekend we went to see Midnight in Paris which was luckily still in theatres, it is brills and def classic Woody Allen. On Sunday It was family dinner time at one of my favorite Japanese buffet. But after all this cake and sushi i think my real gift to myself should be to run a few miles!

Ah it was such a nice bday (which on truth was yesterday, i meant to post this then but i was tired from the wild weekend!) My real wish is to get back into blogging, with a new job, school starting, moving back home, and adjusting to midwestern life--- its been crazy! But i promise im back, thanks for all your support!

and what what to FASHION WEEK!! XD

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