You're so cool Brewster

♥♥the original charlie brewster - fright night 1985, that remake was a BUST >:( ♥♥

(i'm wearing, ((yes again)) raisin chiffon blouse - Lush, high waisted khakis - Berhska,
acorn glass necklace- had since high school, aztec/demin jacket-Thrifted)

Fall is rapidly approaching and i love it. I love the crisp autumn weather and the smell of the trees blowing in the wind. You know its nearly time for Halloween, apple picking, cider drinking, and parade attending. I simply adore my birthday being the marker of the first unofficial day of fall (labor day), followed by fashion week, and scary movies. I am actually craving a good scare and on my radar right now is the 1985 classic of Fright Night. It encompasses all my love for things spooky, and is it me or is Brewster a total babe! I think i have been channeling 80s classic movies when i thrifted this awesome steal of a jacket. I mean its teen wolf letterman, meets Pendleton classic prints. Its a throw on and go, completes my laziest looks. I had to offset this shoot with this recent sweep of murals in my hood of classic movies. J'adore! Im thinking classic movie marathon, aren't you? What are your faves!?


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