bundled up


(what I'm wearing: colonel mustard turtle neck: F21, high waisted pants: vintage, jacket: vintage, shoes: vintage, turban: vintage, necklace: F21) I adore these colours!!! Dont you? I heart fall!

I wish Chicago had a longer autumn, that way I could get away with less cumbersome looks. I absolutely adore layering, I just had feeling like a burrito! Recently the weather has been dropping all the way down to the 40s, but I still insist on going out without a full blown coat. I mean isn't a tweet jacket just as warm as a coat, right?

I feel like I'm channeling a 1940-50s movie star here, ala - Auntie Mame (one of my favorite classics) High waisted pants, turtle neck, blazer....all I'm missing is a long cigarette. The background, though just a train station by my house, also makes it look like I'm on the lamb! Like in Chinatown, were Faye Dunaway runs to Mexico for a better life. Adios!

I also decided to bust out the turban again, its been a while since I turbaned it out! Haha, I actually ran out of hair product, and my hair was angry and wild. I find it rather ironic that even though some of us ladies where our hair "natural" we're still a slave to our products! I'm not ashamed, whatever! I'm just glad I found something that works! (ps, should I make a hair video??)

Anyway, TGIF, right? I getting ready to run out the door with my bro and go to little Japan, because were both still NERDS..haha! Happy weekend.


  1. yes! everything about this is good.

    can you share how you did the wrap?

  2. Yeah, I love this outfit! Anything with a headscarf is good in my books!


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