(what I'm wearing, mint button down: lush, pink jaqueta: vintage, shorts & belt: topshop, granny shoes: thrift)

Despite being a vegeterian I would like to go on the record and say I LOVE FOOD, I really do. Sometimes I find the best food from the smallest "hole in the wall" resturants. One of my faves right now is this little joint by my house called Taco Jr. This place is only three tables and a counter, BUT THEY ARE THE BEST TACOS THIS SIDE OF THE BORDER. Or at least in Chicago. I try not to be fooled by fancy fanfare at hip establishments, I want food made by the heart for the soul. There is this really hip hip hip place in wicker park (chicago's minute version of brklyn) called Big Star, there's a line outside the restaurant for like 6 hrs A DAY since it opened a few years ago. But they have gotten sloppy and prideful, and too expensive for tacos!

Taco jr caters to me, especially since I basically go there every other day. They even invented a vegetarian taco just for me! I was thinking about going over there today (or sushi...hmmm) and it reminded me of this look I never got to post from this summer. I'm so miami vice! I was on my way to comic con too..haha! I love pastels, I can't wait to rock them this winter. Who else is thinking of doing all pastels this winter?

happy hump the humpty dance

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